Camelot FC

Camelot Digital

Convert your paper catalog to a digital iCatalog today. Cut costs on shipping and printing by supplementing your catalog with an online version thatís easy to use. Eliminate lengthy download times and confusing software solutions with our straightforward iCatalog solution.

Camelot Digital enables catalog merchants to transfer the most important features and benefits of their print catalogs online, promoting enhanced cross selling of catalog products. The larger page format of our digital presentation, the instant search, perfect print and email innovations, lead to greater customer loyalty and satisfaction. So join the growing number of catalog merchants that have already made the iCatalog a permanent part of their website.

As a complimentary alternative to your existing website, the iCatalog is the online tool that is as familiar, intuitive and convenient as having the printed catalog sitting in your lap. Your customers will appreciate the digital liberation of an iCatalog, allowing them to surf and purchase where they are familiar, and remain where they are comfortable.